Sombrio Products Warranty Program



This warranty applies to Sombrio Inc. clothes, accessories, and bicycles. It only applies to the original owner of an article that was purchased either from an authorized Sombrio Inc. retailer or via our website. This warranty may not under any circumstances be transferred to a subsequent owner.

This warranty is the only warranty applicable to Sombrio Inc. products. Any implied warranties including warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose, are restricted with regard their scope and duration in accordance with this warranty. Sombrio Inc. will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or exemplary damages suffered by one of the parties. This warranty replaces and excludes any other warranty. Sombrio Inc. is not responsible for repair costs incurred by the user or retailer. Any product replaced under this warranty will be covered for the remainder of the original applicable warranty period.

The warranty described below cannot be enlarged, extended, or otherwise changed by any retailer, agent or employee of Sombrio Inc. Sombrio Inc. accepts no warranties or liabilities whatsoever other than those specifically stipulated in this document. Sombrio Inc. factory outlets and Employees Private Sale offer discontinued or slightly damaged products at substantially reduced prices. For this reason, the warranty provided on clothes, accessories and helmets is limited to a 30-day period from the date of purchase. Bicycles have a (1) one-year warranty. After this this period, repair fees could apply if the product can be repaired. To request a replacement or a repair (Canada only) for a product purchased at the Employees Private Sale, you can contact customer service directly using the contact details at the bottom of this document.

Except to the extent prohibited by the applicable law, any other condition or warranty, express or implied, under the law, or established commercial habits or trade usage, including amongst others, any warranty of market value or fitness for a particular purpose. Sombrio Inc. will in no case be responsible for any amounts exceeding the actual purchase price, nor for special, incidental, or consequential damages relating to the product. This warranty gives you certain rights as customer. These rights can vary according to your state, province or country. In the event that any part of the terms contained herein shall be determined invalid by any competent authority, this decision does not affect any other dispositions of this warranty, and all the other dispositions shall nevertheless apply. This warranty is governed by the laws applicable in the state, province, or country in which the product was purchased. However, with regard to the exercise of rights deriving from this warranty, the original buyer of the product agrees to elect domicile in the jurisdiction of Quebec, province of Quebec, Canada, as the proper forum for the hearing of any claim or legal action.

How to request a repair (Canada only) /replacement under warranty:

Read the terms below to make sure your product is covered;
Clean the product before you return it;
Contact a Louis Garneau retailer with your claim;
Present the original proof of purchase.

If you are unable to return the product to your retailer or if you want more information, contact our customer service directly for their friendly support:

For any request, please indicate your email address and the nature of your demand we will contact you as soon as possible.

Canada – Telephone: 1-800-463-8356
To send us a message via our email:

United States – Telephone: 1-800-448-1984
To send us a message via our email:


Sombrio Inc. makes high-quality technical products. We guarantee our products for a duration of one (1) year starting on of the date of purchase. This warranty covers material (fabrics, buckles, loops, etc.) and manufacturing (assembly, stitches, sealing, etc.) defects.

A proof of purchase must be provided upon presenting your claim. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement by an identical or equivalent product, at the discretion of Sombrio Inc.

The warranty doesn’t apply to:

  • Demonstration and rented products;
  • Commercial use;
  • Normal wear of the product deriving from its normal use (scratches -glasses and other products-, paint or graphics degradation, degradation by UV radiation, pilling, stitches, and rips);
  • Damages caused by abrasion against self-gripping surfaces, straps, zippers, shoulder bags, backpacks or wetsuit.
  • Abuse, negligence, damages caused by chlorine or salt, bad maintenance, transformation, modification, accident and/or inappropriate use;
  • Damages resulting from the impact of a fall.=


You can exchange your product or request a reimbursement within 30 days.

There is a (1) one-year warranty on material (fabrics, buckles, loops, etc.) and manufacturing (assembly, stitching, sealing, etc.) defects.

Warranty on Sombrio Inc. Bicycles

Sombrio Inc. makes high-quality technical products. We guarantee our products for the durations indicated below, starting on the date of purchase. This warranty covers material and manufacturing defects.

Warranty Periods

There is a (5) five-year warranty against any manufacturing defect on rigid frames and rigid forks on 2021 or newer models. Suspended forks are guaranteed for one (1) year;

There is a (1) one-year warranty against all manufacturing defects on paints and stickers. Note that the paint is subject to color fading when exposed to UV radiation. Sombrio Inc. uses the best paints and stickers available on the market but cannot guarantee the longevity of the colors;

There is a (1) one-year warranty against all manufacturing defects on all original accessories and components, except consumables such as brake components (blocks, rims, pads, discs), tires, tubes, rim strips, cables and sleeves, transmission elements (chains, drivetrains, cassette, bottom brackets, integrated controls), bearings or hanging frame pivot;

Components assembled on Sombrio Inc. frames are guaranteed by their respective manufacturer;

There is a (5) five-year warranty on electric bicycles against all manufacturing defects on rigid frames and rigid forks and a (2) two-year warranty on the electric motor and the battery (a loss of capacity of up to 30% of the battery can be noticed when the maximum number of 500 cycles has been reached). There is a (1) one-year warranty on controllers, sensors, chargers and wiring. The maximum weight recommended on our electric bicycles encompassing the cyclist, the bicycle and luggage, is 136 kg (300 lbs).


The original owner must have previously registered the bicycle or frame with Sombrio Inc. either by post, by phone, or on The limited warranty comes into force on the original purchase date. To be eligible, the bicycle must be returned assembled to an authorized Sombrio Inc. retailer with the original dated proof of purchase.

This warranty doesn’t cover normal wear, nor the elements, inadequate assembly or maintenance, failures resulting from the installation of incompatible parts or accessories, damages caused by corrosion, the symptomatic strain of a frame resulting from normal use, or damages caused by cleaning product or additives. This warranty will be deemed void if the damages result from an accident, abuse, negligence, modification or transformation made to the product, abnormal, excessive or incorrect use, competitive abuse or commercial purposes or rental. You must absolutely follow the maintenance guide included in the bicycle’s instructions manual.

Sombrio Inc. reserves the right to repair or replace any part or frame covered under warranty by a new identical or comparable part but cannot guarantee the ongoing availability of some frame colors and types, forks or other components. The original buyer is responsible for all maintenance and replacement fees for the parts under warranty. Transportation costs for the return of parts to Sombrio Inc. are the responsibility of the original buyer. Transportation costs for the return of replacement parts to the retailer will be borne by Sombrio Inc. Transportation costs for the return of parts that are non-compatible with the replacement frame will be borne by the client.

Product Lifecycle

The warranty determines the duration of time from the date of purchase during which Sombrio Inc. will replace the product if necessary. Although our products are amongst the best on the market, they may be subject to a limited useful life. The lifetime of a product can vary according to various factors including conditions of use, respect of specific use, and periodic maintenance history. All Sombrio Inc. bicycles and frames should be inspected annually by an authorized retailer to detect potential problems. This safety inspection is very important to prevent accidents, injuries or potential early deterioration of the product.

Specific Use

Every bicycle is developed for a specific purpose. Make sure you follow the instructions below on the specific use of every bicycle category.

Note that the use of an adequate bicycle rack for transportation is compulsory. We are not responsible for damages resulting from the use of bicycle racks.

The warranty on bicycles applies in Canada and the United States only. The international warranty on bicycles applies to frames and rigid forks only.


Frames and rigid forks are guaranteed for (5) five years against any manufacturing defect. Suspended forks are guaranteed for one (1) year.

There is a (2) two-year warranty on electric motors and batteries and a (1) one-year warranty on controllers, sensors, chargers and wiring.