About Us

The Sombrio brand was born out of a well-felt inspiration and a legitimate need of mountain bike enthusiasts. A small group of cyclists eager to escape the unappealing concrete and glass of the city of Vancouver for the fresh air and adventure of the North Shore propelled a new generation to the next level, to the fulfillment of their sport, mountain biking.

Dave Watson founded Sombrio in 1998 with a single pair of mountain bike shorts. In 2002, Sombrio launched its first full collection. In 2003, David Watson famously jumped over the Tour de France field on a mountain bike, putting his clothes to the test. In doing so, Sombrio brought a new aesthetic and freedom of spirit. The brand quickly became a household name in the mountain biking world due to its unique style and the free-spirited attitude of riders who are always looking for a challenge.

Sombrio has established a culture of its own aesthetic and inspiration and continues to innovate and enable mountain bikers to excel and live their passion in the most vibrant way possible.