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Andreas Hestler

Nickname: Dre / Hometown: Victoria BC. / Discipline: Enduro, XC, Adventure


Human powered engine, tech gnar singletrack


Career Highlights: 96 Olympics, 5 x Canadian National Champion, NORBA Super D win, BC Bike Race, Trans Provence, Chilcotins, EWS Enduros

Heli drop or pedal? There's a day for each, why choose, do both!

How do you train for race day? It's a life long commitment that begins with each ride and ends with each finish line. There will be discomfort throughtout but at the end there will be high-fives and beers.

What was it like to represent your country at the Olympic Games? I have always been super patriotic in a Canadian way, but the Olympics is simply the pinnacle for sports.

Favorite spot your bike has taken you to? Peru, Jamaica, Israel, BC

Describe your perfect day on two wheels? Not too early, not too hot, just right, some grunting, and a lot of descending with a solid crew of rippers. I feel that riding with other people that push dynamic trail play is the height of enjoyment - when I follow good wheels it's like having two rides at once, mine and the enjoyment of watching the rider in front.

Your favorite Sombrio gear: Highline Shorts - I live in these, they are a perfect fit, Wingman jacket -  just the right weight to deflect almost everything, and the Prodigy Glove - perfectly proportioned for driving a bike down a trail.


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