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An Inside Look at the 2018 Collection

With Sombrio Product Manager Kristen Moon

25th, February 2018

Tell us about the inspiration for the 2018 collection?

Every year we take to the forest in our backyard here in Vancouver, BC, and we let nature speak to us. When we set out to design our 2018 collection, it was the loamy dirt on our home trails that really inspired us.  The 2018 collection explores the loam and its elusive ecosystem. Through our print stories, the collection explores everything from the critters who roam in the loam to what lies beneath the surface.

Sombrio Cartel 2018 Collection - Loam

How did you select the colour palette?

This year’s colour palette features rich, earthy tones with an added pop of colour with our spring foliage inspired Amazon. For the first time ever, we are sharing the majority of our palette across both the Men’s and Women’s collections – we’ve had a lot of requests in the past to see this and it leads to a super strong looking collection that has a ton of vibe and attitude. We have also introduced our seasonal prints across both genders with our Grizzly Stripe Camo, Forest Creatures and our Deep Earth Tie Dye prints.

2018 marks 20 years of life on two wheels for Sombrio. Are you doing anything special?

Absolutely! 20 years as a brand is a big deal for us, especially since we have been around since the beginnings of Freeride and have really seen this industry become what it is today. To celebrate 20 years of life on two wheels, we have created a special edition Second Decade Collection. The collection features a hand-drawn graphic highlighting SOMBRIO’s deep roots in the forest. The special edition graphics cab been found on our brand new Chaos Jersey and Alder Jersey freeride jerseys and the Men’s & Women’s Second Decade Tee’s.

Sombrio Second Decade Tee

What else is new and exciting this year to keep an eye out for?

This is a big year for introducing new styles and technologies for Sombrio and we are stoked. We have completely redesigned our lightweight windbreakers to offer the Chinook 2 and Squall 2 Jackets with fanny pack technology. Not only are these jackets durable and wind resistant with a helmet compatible hood, they also stuff into themselves and turn into a fanny pack so you can toss them around your waist and keep shredding when you need to shed a layer. We are also expanding our Smuggle Liner Collection with the addition of a liner short for Men and a bib liner for Women with Pit Stop Technology – and be sure to check out the new chamois prints for a nutty surprise.

For the first time ever, we are also coming at you with Sombrio Custom – offering a long sleeve and short sleeve jersey option for Men’s, Women’s & Grom’s that can be fully customized with your own design, or you can simply drop your logo onto one of our available Quick Design options – it’s the quickest way to Kit Out Your Crew!

Tell us more about the new windbreakers with Fanny Pack Technology.

The concept for these jackets began around a year ago on a shuttle ride on Mt Seymour in North Vancouver. We drove to the top of the mountain and it was foggy and cool, so we all started in light jackets. About halfway down, it began to warm up and the jackets come off. Then the age old question was asked – where do I put this jacket? I wasn’t wearing a pack so I twisted it up and tied it around my waist. It occurred to us that there HAS to be a better way! That day, we returned to the office and started to design the Chinook 2 and Squall 2 jackets – durable windbreakers for Men and Women that turn into a fanny pack! These jackets are so great that I start almost every ride with it either on, or fanny packed around my waist just in case – it’s truly a lifesaver and a must have in every riders apparel arsenal.

How about the new expanded Smuggle Collection. Can you tell us what we can expect to see this year?

For 2018, we have expanded and refined our Smuggle Liner Collection…and had some fun along the way. Firstly, we have expanded, adding a liner short for men, and a bib liner for women, giving both genders the same great offering. Next, we have refined the men’s bib liner designs adding an easy nature break option for men with an even more advanced chamois for added comfort. For women, we have re-designed our Luxe liner to offer 3-pocket storage and have introduced Pit Stop Technology in our Luxe Bib Liner, which also women to take nature breaks without having to remove all their gear.

We have also created some hilarious prints onto the chamois on all liner styles with mixed nuts for men and kitty cats for the ladies…they even have fun names! Not only are our liners super comfortable, loaded with great features and tons of storage, we have also lowered the price to make sure you get even more value.

SOmbrio Cartel Men's Smuggle Liner Chamois Graphic
Sombrio Cartel Women's Luxe Liner Chamois Graphic

What is your favorite piece in the new Sombrio collection?

It’s a toss-up between the new Chinook 2 Jacket or the Luxe Bib liner…. Both are super unique in our market and look and feel great! I’m also loving everything with our Deep Earth Tie Dye print!

Sum up the collection in 3 words.

Critters and colour!  

Be sure to check out the new collection first hand or visit your local Sombrio dealer.

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