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Product Care

Caring for Your Gear

Sombrio gear is built to last. While we can't guarantee it will last forever, proper care will maximize its performance and life span.

General Washing and Drying Instructions

We recommend washing new gear before using it. Always read the care label before washing a piece of apparel to ensure you’re using the right care treatment for that specific item. (Confused? Here's a guide to Laundry Symbols). Unless otherwise specified, do not dry clean.
  1. Wash gear immediately after use. If you aren't able to wash immediately, hang it up to dry. Bacteria loves a wet, dirty pile.
  2. Empty your pockets and turn items inside out. 
  3. Close or fasten all zippers, buttons and velcro to prevent damage. Loosen any elastic cords. Mesh laundry bags are helpful for keeping straps and elastics from getting caught on other objects in the machine.
  4. Wash like products and like colors together. Friction from different materials (like jeans, towels or velcro) can damage more delicate gear. A fuller load will also minimize friction but wash gear separately from heavily soiled items.
  5. Do not use excessive heat when washing or drying. For the majority of our apparel, we recommend hand or machine washing on the delicate cycle in cold water (not exceeding 30 °C/86°F). Refer to the care label for recommended washing temperature of your specific garment.
  6. Use cleaning products specially formulated for technical apparel. Not only will these cleaners remove the stink from sweaty gear, but they are designed to rinse without leaving any residue that can interfere with fabric performance, an issue with most conventional detergents. If you choose to use regular detergent, we recommend using a small amount of mild liquid detergent. Do not use fabric softeners, chlorine bleach, or detergents with perfumes, dyes or other such additives. You may also add an extra rinse cycle to remove as much residue as possible.
  7. Line/air drying is generally the best option.*  If you need to use the dryer, be sure to use a low or no heat setting. Do not use dryer sheets. Check on the clothing regularly through the cycle to minimize friction from time in dryer. Always refer to the care label for full drying instructions.

Chamois Care

For bottoms with a chamois, wash inside out after every use. Seriously. Place in a mesh laundry bag and use the delicate cycle if you are not hand-washing. Hang to dry inside out. Do not place in dryer.

Outerwear and Other Water-Repellent Gear

All apparel should be washed to maintain performance. Obviously, when your jacket gets muddy on a ride, it should be spot-cleaned or washed, but even when a garment doesn't look dirty, small particles can interfere with water-repellency, breathability and moisture-wicking properties of a fabric. Any garment that comes in contact with sweat and is designed to cling to your skin should be washed after every use. If your waterproof/water-repellent gear isn't beading water as well as it used to, try cleaning it with a technical detergent to eliminate any particles that may be impairing its performance. You can also refresh water repellency periodically by using a wash-in or spray-on product such as Grangers Performance Repel Plus or Nikwax TX Direct. A spray-on treatment will allow you to target areas that are exposed to the most rain. This treatment is recommended once per season (depending on use), or as the garment's water-repellency declines. *Using the dryer can redistribute water-repellent treatment on a fabric, helping to reactivate its water-repellency. Additionally, some water repellency treatments require heat activation. Line dry, then use the dryer on a low heat setting for 20 minutes. Always follow the instructions on the care label. If you have any questions about a Sombrio product, please contact us.

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