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Trip Report: Hornby Island

Bikes, Boats and Beers with the Sombrio Cartel

Last spring Sombrio Cartel riders Bryn Atkinson, Jill Kintner and Meredith Brandt packed up shop and headed for the coast to hang out in the Claw’s backyard on Vancouver Island and shoot our new collection. Here is a behind the scenes look at the action.
Hornby Island is one of British Columbia’s hidden gems. It’s a small forested landmass nestled in the scenic northern Gulf Islands, and it’s just a boat ride away. We got an early start with the sun, had a homemade breakfast at our cabin in Parksville, loaded up the trucks and set out for the boat launch. The sun was still coming up over the horizon as we loaded up Claw’s boat for the 20-minute crossing to Hornby Island.
Enroute to Hornby Island, B.C.
Hornby Island, B.C.
We rode strait off the boat in Ford Cove from majestic sandstone shorelines, up the road towards Mount Geoffrey Nature Park. With over 50 kilometers of fast and flowy singletrack carved into the topography, we quickly understood why Honby Island is a hidden gem. The trails meander amongst each other leaving endless possibilities for epic loops, and almost all the trails are just as fun to ride up as they are to pin down.
Cliff Trail stood out amongst the web of fast and flowy singletrack. From the top of the escarpment, one could see all the way back to Vancouver Island.
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