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Behind the Shot with Margus Riga - Part 3

An inside look at what goes into getting the shot

21st, April 2017   |   TAGGED: Sombrio Cartel, Margus Riga, Darren Berrecloth, Behind The Shot
Sombrio Cartel Rider Darren Berrecloth, By Margus Riga

About the shot:
There are three different elements creating a linear feel to this shot of Darren Berrecloth. The trees, the wooden slats on the wallride, and the shadows of the trees on both the ground and the wall. By taking out the colour, I managed to isolate these lines even more, and also frame Darren within the lines. Sombrio used this as the cover for their catalogue, so I guess the effect I tried to create worked.

Sometimes you have to try different angles before you get the shot. Riga is no stranger to heights.


Shooting Conditions:
This shot was taken mid-day in full sun in the trees. Probably my least favourite light to shoot with because of the harsh contrasts with the dark and light tones. I didn’t want to fight the contrasts so I decided to use them to my advantage.

Mt. Prevost, Vancouver Island B.C.

Gear and Settings:
Camera: Nikon D810 // Lens: 20mm f1.8 // Settings: ISO 4000, 1/1250sec, f5


For more on the Sombrio X Margus Riga collaboration check out the Forest Collection.

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