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Behind the Shot with Margus Riga - Part 1

An inside look at what goes into getting the shot

2nd, April 2017   |   TAGGED: Sombrio Cartel, Margus Riga, Forest Collection
Sombrio Cartel - Behind the Shot with Margus Riga

About the shot:
This shot was a no-brainer...sort of. Fall multi-coloured foliage, moody fog...it's right out of a postcard. It's a shot anyone could take and would take if the scene presented itself. To make it my own, in post-processing I took out the colour and made it black and white. This turned the fall colours white and changed the perception of the shot from "postcard-perfect" to something more un-expected and different.  

Shooting Conditions:
It was shot mid-day on a cloudy, foggy day. Probably my favourite type of light to shoot with while in the woods. There's nice even diffused light everywhere, with no harsh contrasts or shadows.  

Sea-to-Sky Corridor 

Gear and Settings:
Camera: Nikon D810 // Lens: 70-200mm f2.8 // Settings: ISO 200, 1/1000sec, f4

For more on the Sombrio X Margus Riga collaboration check out the Forest Collection.

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