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Behind the Scenes of Homestead

with Brayden Barrett-Hay

6th, December 2016
It's been one of my dreams since I was a kid to build a course at home with a drop-in coming off the roof of the barn! This year it was my mission to create a course that I could practice on and film something that I could be really proud of! Pumped to say, a little over a years’ hard work has paid off! Check it out below. The building of my course took 10 times longer then I expected. I started in fall of 2015 clearing bush, tearing down fences and tearing down an old shed. Then just before winter hit, I managed to get the beginning of my drop in built. A few close calls with falling off though haha. I didn't have too many hands in the beginning so I would have to find ways to slowly bring my lumber up to the top. Actually, one time I had a 16ft plank resting up against the structure and I was climbing up the ladder to grab it and drag it up top. An evil breeze caught it and the plank came falling down towards the ladder. I jumped off the ladder and grabbed onto a cross brace on the roll-in just in time before the ladder and plank went crashing into the building. That was a close call. I was probably about 20ft off the ground hanging off of a brace! That was one of the many times it got sketchy!
Sombrio Rider Brayden Barrett-Hay

In Spring of 2016 things really got rolling. My Uncle Terry Barrett, who use to own his own contracting business helped build my drop-in over a weekend. That week I was digging and working in a buddy’s bobcat! Countless hours went in. Probably 60 to 80 hours a week I'd say from beginning of April until beginning of June. If the sun was up I was building!
Sombrio Rider Brayden Barrett-Hay, Behind the Scenes of Homestead

As the course progressed I began to have more and more hands helping me. It was amazing how many people started to chip in. Then the moment it was done the filming began. Right off the bat things where going great. The second clip we filmed was an insane banger! 360 Indian air to late no hander, love that trick. As we got more into the video we had some minor setbacks. Terrible weather and the subluxation of my shoulder forced me to take almost a month off from riding. I was getting ready to head out west for a month so things got a bit stressful. We where only going to have one weekend left to finish the video in between when I was out west and when I had to leave for Fise in China.
Sombrio Rider Brayden Barrett-Hay, behind the scenes of Homestead

We squeezed everything in with a few heavy bangers at the end! Definitely had some ups and downs during the process of building and filming this video. But it's been so worth it! I'm really proud of the video Brad Scholl and I have put together and so hyped on the course that I can now ride every day at home. I'm really thankful to everyone who pitched in some help and Mongoose Bikes for the support! Photography by: Will Fisher

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