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Behind The Collection

with Sombrio Product Line Manager Kristen Smart

24th, February 2017   |   TAGGED: Sombrio Cartel, Kristen Smart, 2017 Collection
The launch of Sombrio's 2017 collection is just around the corner. We caught up with Sombrio Product Line Manager Kristen Smart to get an insider look on everything from design inspiration to exciting new product to keep an eye out for. 


Tell us about the inspiration for the 2017 collection?

Every season we start by going right to our athletes and consumers to get their feedback on what they need and want to see in our new collection. That feedback directly inspires the new styles we design. For this year’s graphics, we looked to the coastal environment in our backyard and were really inspired by vistas from the North Shore. A lot of our trails cross old logging roads that offer amazing views of the Vancouver Island and Howe Sound, which led us to our Ombre print, that resembles the aerial view of a surf wave making its way to the shore. Then there’s our Marble print which is super unique and also inspired by the coast, and shows the dirt roost and white wash surf coming together. From top to bottom this collection screams West Coast, and really feels like home!

How did you select the colour palette?

We worked to combine our established heritage pallet of colours which is made up of classic, earthy tones, and assorted them with seasonal pops of colour like Green Lake, which was inspired by its namesake Lake in Whistler, and Surf Blue which was inspired by the Pacific Ocean.


What is new and exciting this year to keep an eye out for?

In this seasons collection we are really excited about introducing Action Denim Technology to our Riff Jeans and Robson Jean Shorts, there’s our new waterproof outerwear like the Vapor and Shield Jackets, a collection just for Grom’s, and of course our Forest Collection featuring photography by Margus Riga!  


How did a collaboration with Margus Riga come about and what styles are part of the Forest Collection? 

We have worked with Margus on photography projects for the last few seasons and it felt like a natural fit to do something more with him and collaborate on a collection. We worked with him to choose an image that was moody and coastal and complimented the artistic style and vibe of Sombrio. Margus Riga’s photographs can be seen on the Renegade Jersey, Vista Jersey, Spun gloves and Cypress Flatbrim. Stay tuned for more on our collaboration throughout the season.

Sombrio x Margus Riga Forest Collection

Margus Riga


Tell us more about the award-winning Riff Jeans.

Our new Riff Jeans are the ultimate jeans for riders, and the recipient of the 2016 DriRelease Innovation Award. They’re made from Mobil Denim which is woven with DriRelease to not only regulate your temperature, but it helps prevent stink and wicks sweat away from your skin. The Riff Jeans also have reflective taping on the inside of the cuff for visibility while cruising in the city at night, a seamless crotch panel for comfort and durability, and articulated knees to keep you comfortable in motion.  


Sombrio has created waterproof outerwear in the past. Can you tell us what is unique about the reinvented Vapor Jacket in the new collection?

Three years ago we became a part of the Dorel Sports family of bike brands which has opened the doors to sourcing better, more technical fabrics. The new Men’s Vapor and Women’s Shield jackets are super stretchy, lighter in weight, and more breathable then older versions while still maintaining a similar style to the original Vapor Jacket.

Sombrio Vapor Jacket

Sombrio Vapor Jacket


Why the expansion into youth gear?

Sombrio was there at the beginning of it all when the 1st generation of mountain bikers were molding this sport into what it is today, and as the 3rd generation of mountain bikers – The Grom’s – continue to grow in numbers, we want to ensure that we’re a part of that too! Grom’s are the future of mountain biking and we want to continue to grow with them. 


What is your favorite piece in the new Sombrio collection?

Honestly, that’s a tough one for me because I have so many favorites in this years’ collection. If I had to pick just one, it would it would the new Quarry Hoodie. I wear it almost every day and it’s the perfect piece to toss on after a ride!


Sum up the collection in 3 words.

Vibrant, Coastal, Authentic


Be sure to check back here on March 1st to explore the collection first hand!

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