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Meet the Crew

Our Crew Athletes explore the world over in Sombrio gear. We are stoked to support these talented individuals & organizations. We enjoy & often apply their critical feedback to help us continue to build better product. The Crew puts Sombrio to the test & are our brand ambassadors.
Ladies AllRide
Endless Biking
Endless Biking

Join the Crew

The Sombrio Build Team is all about supporting upcoming riders and building them to be prepared for riding at the highest level. We know you have been out shredding the trails and mastering the DJs for some time now and we would like to help you on your way to pro status within our Sombrio Build program. Sombrio prides in building not just MTB athletes, but MTB legends!

If you feel you have what it takes to be a Sombrio Build Athlete, fill out the form below. Sombrio staff will review your application and successful applicants will be chosen for the Build sponsorship program. Eligible riders will receive major discounts on our latest apparel, take part in apparel feedback, qualify for seasonal perks and become our athletes to watch.

We hope to see you take it to the next level and roll with Sombrio along the way!

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