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Wyn Masters for the Win

Masters wins round 1 of the EWS

28th, March 2017   |   TAGGED: GT Factory Racing, Wyn Masters, Enduro World Series

EWS 2017 - Giant Toa Enduro Highlights, Rotorua, New Zealand

The Enduro World Series kicked off in Rotorua, New Zealand this past weekend with an exciting and wild track. With monsoon-like rains, the course, which normally presents itself as tacky lush singletrack proved challenging even for the the world's best riders. It was a full Kiwi podium in Rotorua with GT Factory Racing and Sombrio Cartel rider Wyn Masters on the top, claiming his first EWS career win. Wyn took to the podium in the Sombrio Pinner Shorts and Renegade Jersey
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