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Sombrio Launches #LUXURYOFDIRT Episode 3

Featuring Katie Holden

Earlier this season we launched #LUXURYOFDIRT, a campaign showcasing our passion for life on two wheels. Today, we released episode 3 of the Luxury Of Dirt Series highlighting Sombiro Cartel athlete and professional freerider, Katie Holden.

For Katie, it's all about exploring the globe, waking up in a new town and watching the sun rise for the first time. It's about making new friends, and finding new zones to ride. 

Check out Katie's Luxury Of Dirt:

Watch the rest of the #LUXURYOFDIRT series here

About Katie Holden

Katie is a Seattle native, and Whistler implant. Whether she's out for a pedal on her local trails, over seas hiking her bike up the side of a fjord, or leading a train of ladies down A-Line in the Whistler Bike Park, Katie is always up for an adventure, and always on two wheels.

View Katie's full profile here

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